Wednesday, May 20, 2009

We Have Assumed Control...


From now on, this page will function as the official headquarters of the Athens, Ohio, D.I.Y. collective known as The Action Committee. In the nine months of our existence, we have garnered a modest amount of attention from the local media. Although the fancy of the local press has undoubtedly familiarized people with our mission, we have come to realize that, in order to function as a truly independent organization, we must be in control of presenting our own message to the community as opposed to relying on the local media to do so for us.

We have decided to start this page as a way to inform the public about our events, principles and goals as an organization. Here you will find our contact information, listings of our events, links to sites and organizations that we support or identify with and the occassional literature, art, and how-to guides concerning D.I.Y. ethics and culture.

We hope this site will be informative to our community and will let us express ourselves exactly as we see fit.


Aaron Vilk
Public / Online Relations
The Action Committee

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  1. This IS OrZillion. Lucious Demigod Jehovah OrZillion OzRillion OrZillion. I have assumed control. The reprogrammization IS NOW complete. You shall drop your weapons and live in peace. The hungry shall be hungry no more. Those that have shall give to those that have not. Those that thirst shall thirst no more.They shall be given drink where drink was not. Those with education shall theach those without education. Those with shoes shall shoe those without shoes, and those with clothes shall give clothes to those without clothes. This is the action taken. No man, woman, or child shall and will not be left behind. Such as the message is, it shall be, and shall endureth, FOREVER. This IS the answer given, for as without, all would perish. These are the foundations of the teachings of LOVE. This is what is, and shall no longer be without. Without there is not, and with not there is nothing. But with there is everything and with everything there is all. There is now all, and all now know. Blessed be all, and all blessed be. And that is all. Good night.